1. Anonymous said: If you wanted to take a picture of a homeless man but he wanted a dollar if you took the picture, would you give him the dollar?


    I’d give him $5

  2. New kicks

  3. Elyas,


  4. Drive.

  6. Been shooting with the Leica M set up with a 35mm /1.4 Summilux for a couple of days now. Amazing performance! 

  7. Starting off my Main Assignment as a graduating Bilder Nordic School of Photography student. I’m in love with this place. 

  8. Chasing fog with a good friend of mine, Atle. 

    INSTA: @mortenfrool


  9. Hey ya’ll - I’ve updated my website, the story ART107, to be the same as the one hanging up on the wall at Rådhusgalleriet in Oslo. 


  11. From the archives


  15. We’re currently working with our final exhibition, which contains four different topics that cover the society we live in today.

    Presenting topic two out of four total; Sustainability.

    Sustainability is all about working for harmony and balance between elements of life and our planet. From a person to a city to a country and to the planet. In near future also in space. We have to recognize that the wonder of life are not you and I, but our existence and respect that we are merely passing through. To leave positive footprints and minimize damage as best we can.

    See more about it on Facebook (facebook.com/MomentsOfConsequence), where we present to more dimensions the next two days, and our instagram @momentsofconsequence, to follow our progress all the way to the end. Also check out www.momentsofconsequence.net.

    📷: Christian Rølla.

    @momentsofconsequence #momentsofconsequence #bildernordic @instagram @vsco